Meet Our Gifted Staff

classes_mimiMimi a licensed esthetician since 2000, is our store manager. A veteran visionary ever on the upward path of evolving aesthetic growth. Mimi started with a love of the basics: color, art, and beauty. Her love of beauty pushed her to want to train and learn under the worlds most renowned artists of our time such as Sam Fine, Danessa Myreck, and Orlando Santiago. Mimi has been a makeup educator to makeup artists in training since 2007.

Beautiful U Instructor


Sedreka is our senior master makeup artist. Widely known for having an ability to create makeup looks that are understated and dramatic at the same time. She also has a specialization in fantasy makeup. She began her makeup career in 2009, since then becoming a renowned makeup educator to women across the metro Atlanta area.

It's You, But Better!

It’s You, But Better!

Sade is our junior master makeup artist here at BUB. Best known for her collaborations on major makeup campaigns that are are currently featured on billboards in the Northern Georgia area. She is recognized for her amazing contouring abilities.


Valerie is our colorfully gifted  fresh faced bohemian junior artist with a fresh new Avant Garde on wheels makeup perspective.  The creativity that she produces is  a force to be reckoned with.

It's You, But Better!

It’s You, But Better!

“Career Opportunities”

Open Me

We are always looking for experienced Makeup Artists with Sales Experience to join the team. Background should include color theory, eye & face contouring, brow shaping and lash application knowledge. Must be a team player, dependable & serious about your craft. Bring your model and show us what you can do. Email Us